Is Your Body Baby-Friendly?  "Unexplained" Infertility, Miscarriage & IVF Failure - Explained!
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Foreword by Christo Zouves, M.D.
Alan E. Beer, M.D.

  1. Helping to Explain the "Unexplained"
  2. Defining Reproductive Failure
  3. Recurring Nightmares
  4. The Immune System
  5. Category 1 Immune Problems: Tissue Type Compatibility
  6. Category 2 Immune Problems: Blood-clotting Defects
  7. Category 3 Immune Problems: Immunity to Pregnancy
  8. Category 4 Immune Problems: Antibodies to Sperm
  9. Category 5 Immune Problems: Part One - Natural Killer Cells
  10. Category 5 Immune Problems: Part Two - Antibodies to Hormones and Neurotransmitters
  11. Hope for Older Mothers-to-Be
  12. Immune Problems and Pregnancy
  13. Comprehensive Immune Testing
  14. Dr Beer's Treatments
  15. Immune Therapy: Rejected by a Body of Medical Opinion
  16. Trials on Trial
  17. Hope…and Inspiration

i. Fertility under Fire
ii. The Legacy of a Toxic Pregnancy
iii. The Toxins Eating at Our Health
iv. Baby-Friendly Alternatives by Zita West



Reproductive failure and repeated pregnancy loss is devastating for the patients involved. The devastation is emotional, physical and financial and can mean the loss of valuable ovarian time for the patient, and frustration and disappointment for the practitioners involved.

There is always a reason for any pregnancy loss and this book very eloquently lays out the standard testing. Dr Alan Beer then examines and categorizes what can be done in the so-called unexplained, and by inference "hopeless," cases. Once the usual factors like chromosomal abnormalities, uterine defects, infections and the hormonal milieu have been excluded, this book speaks to a group of patients who still have unexplained loss.

The immune system is at the center of who we are. It protects us against infections and abnormal cells that can in some cases become malignant. Many patients with cancers previously labeled terminal and untreatable are now being treated by inducing a favorable immune response to markers derived from the actual tumors themselves.

It amazes me how long it has taken fertility practitioners to make the connection between recurrent failed treatment and recurrent loss, and the immune mechanism of attack - given the fact that the implanting embryo is genetically different from the mother or carrier. Something almost magical happens to prevent rejection of this graft in the vast majority of pregnancies. For a small group of patients, this magical event does not happen and we are left with immune attack and thrombosis, which either prevents implantation or causes loss or inadequate intrauterine nutrition.

Dr Alan Beer has devoted his life to the investigation and treatment of recurrent failed treatment and pregnancy loss. I have had the privilege of knowing him and treating patients with him for almost 15 years.

In this book, he seeks rational explanations and lays out modalities of treatment which have helped thousands of patients who previously had been given no hope, to receive the precious gift of Parenthood.

Christo Zouves, M.D.
Medical Director
Zouves Fertility Center
Daly City, California


Infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss and IVF failure might not be a matter of chance - your immune system may be the cause.

The worst feeling for most women, after the physical pain of miscarriage and the emotional anguish of an assisted conception failure have long passed, is that of sheer hopelessness. With no answers to be found and no prospect of achieving a healthy pregnancy, many sink into total depression. Living without hope is a soul-destroying existence. The months and the years pass by. Time may heal, but the doubts and questions remain: Why has this happened? What went wrong? Was it my fault?

Having investigated the area for more than 25 years, Dr Alan E. Beer has uncovered explanations for previously "unexplained" infertility, IVF (in vitro fertilization) failure and pregnancy loss. He has treated over 7,000 couples, and through his pioneering program has achieved pregnancy success rates of more than 85% within three natural cycles or IVF attempts.

Averaging just over 36 years old, his patients could be considered the "no hopers" of the reproductive populace, having endured around four failed IVF cycles or pregnancy losses that have been deemed "unexplained" (or idiopathic) by mainstream medical practitioners. These are not young women with relatively minor problems (who would be more likely to boost success rates), but the battle-weary survivors of years of infertility treatments who have usually tried every conventional and alternative therapy; yet they still manage to achieve success with Dr Beer's program.

His patients are often self-referred, having discovered Dr Beer through a combination of frustration and determination - unable to accept that no one can explain why they cannot have a baby, or help them overcome their difficulties. In a way, they too have become pioneers, forging a path through new medical territories and making the journey easier for others to follow. Some have shared their stories here to in- spire other women who may be stuck in a hopeless void of unanswered questions.

Dr Beer has identified five categories of immune problem that can cause pregnancy loss, IVF failure and infertility. The logic behind these theories is explained, as well as the way the immune system works and how imbalances within it can affect pregnancy outcome. It is then revealed how these problems can be addressed by temporarily regulating the immune response to make the body more "baby-friendly."

These discoveries will finally put many minds at rest by providing answers to the unanswered questions that can plague couples experiencing reproductive failure. As Dr Beer says, "The only way to live with infertility and loss is to fill your mind with facts. You need to find out what the problems are, and if they have a reasonably good chance of being treated. Otherwise you sentence yourself to an endless punishment of self-blame, sadness, loss of hope and doubt."

For the first time ever, this book provides evidence-based facts on a serious human health concern that has so far been shrouded in mystery and confusion. Never before has so much scientific knowledge about pregnancy failure and the immune system been made publicly available and written in a way that can be generally understood.

This book represents the work and the views of Dr Beer, whose contributions have led to significant developments in the field of reproductive immunology, now one of the most rapidly expanding areas of biomedical science. New cutting-edge treatments are just becoming available within mainstream medicine and critics of this new science are becoming increasingly silenced by the sheer weight of supportive evidence.

For whatever the arguments and controversies, there is one fact that nobody can dispute: Dr Beer has succeeded where others have failed and has enabled thousands of women all over the world to realize a previously impossible dream - to love and hold a baby of their own.

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