Is Your Body Baby-Friendly?  "Unexplained" Infertility, Miscarriage & IVF Failure - Explained!
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Alan E. Beer with baby "You have nothing to fear. If there is a problem, we will know. If there is not a problem, we will rejoice. The most important thing is to know that what is wrong with you is not your fault. It has a specific cause and understanding that cause fully brings with it the power to persist and move onward, even though the fear of failure will never leave you."

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Alan E. Beer, M.D.

ISBN 0978507800

U.S. - $24.95
Canada - $30.95

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About the Book

In response to growing demand, the thoughts and theories of the internationally acclaimed fertility specialist Dr Alan Beer have been documented. Is Your Body Baby-Friendly? explains for the first time ever why infertility, IVF failures and recurrent miscarriages happen.

Even today, the cause of a majority of pregnancy complications (including premature delivery and stillbirth) in addition to IVF failure and infertility are labeled "unexplained." Dr Alan Beer has identified five categories of immune problem that can cause pregnancy loss, IVF failure and infertility. The logic behind the theories is considered, following an overview of how the immune system functions and why imbalances within it can affect pregnancy outcome. Since he began his pioneering tests and immune therapies over 30 years ago, Dr Beer has collaborated long-distance with fertility doctors, ob/gyns and REs across the world to help over 7,000 couples and achieved a pregnancy success rate of more than 85% within three natural cycles or IVF attempts.

The book explains how the immune system can behave in a way that prevents a pregnancy from continuing. High levels of Natural Killer cells, genetic compatibility between partners and blood clotting problems are all significant causes of reproductive failure. Autoimmunity that can be inherited or environmentally triggered are a major reason for the increase in infertility and miscarriage today. This book also explains why such disorders are not just devastating to a pregnancy - they can also be markers of potentially serious health problems in the mother.

This thoroughly researched and referenced text includes contributions from world-leading professionals, including Professor David Clark, Dr Carolyn Coulam, Dr William Matzner and Dr Geoffrey Sher. Best-selling author Zita West has also contributed a special chapter on holistic therapies and diet specifically for those with immune-based infertility and recurrent miscarriage. Dr Christo Zouves, author of "Expecting Miracles," who has worked with Dr Beer for over 15 years, has provided the Foreword.

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What People are Saying

"Finally, a clear message that recurrent IVF failure, infertility and loss can be categorized and treated. This book is a wonderful resource for all those struggling with recurrent failure and loss."

Christo Zouves, M.D., Founder and Director of the Zouves Fertility Center and author of Expecting Miracles: The Path of Hope from Infertility to Parenthood .

"This is a wonderful, rich in contents book for practitioners working in reproductive medicine. The news of Dr Beer 's death was very sad but we are proud of him who leaves us such a fortune like this book."

Koji Koyama, M.D., President of International Society of Reproductive Immunology

"This book is outstanding. I think Dr. Beer goes a long way toward making complex ideas understandable for lay readers."

Russell Roby M.D., Founder of the Texan Allergy Center

"This book certainly makes a complex subject reader-friendly from a personal perspective."

Zita West, Founder and Director of the Zita West Clinic and author of Fertility and Conception .

"If these scientists are right, immunology could be reproductive medicine's next frontier, helping to treat distressing conditions that blight the lives of many couples. This will be the new area of infertility treatment for this century."

Kelton P. Tremellen, M.D., of the University of Adelaide, Australia.

"Well thought out and researched and an important addition to the literature regarding reproductive intriguing and compelling insight into this critical area of science."

Noah Chalfin at the Center for Ethics and Toxics in California.

Infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss and IVF failure might not be a matter of chance; your immune system may be the cause.

The worst feeling for most women, after the physical pain of miscarriage and IVF failure has long passed, is that of sheer hopelessness and frustration. With no answers to be found and no prospect of achieving a healthy pregnancy, many sink into total depression. Living without hope is a soul-destroying existence. The months and the years pass by. Time may heal, but the doubts and questions remain; why has this happened? What went wrong? Was it my fault?

In Is Your Body Baby-Friendly? the reasons for so-called "unexplained" IVF failure and pregnancy loss are explained. Readers are also introduced to the pioneering program of advanced tests and therapies that have helped thousands of couples achieve a pregnancy, with success rates of more than 85% within three natural cycles or IVF attempts.

Are You Immune to Pregnancy?

All day, the body is under attack from toxins and infections (pathogens). The immune system fights hard to kill off these invaders with its army of immune system cells and an arsenal of chemical weaponry. Quite simply, without this attacking power we would die.

Substances that are capable of activating immune reactions are called antigens. As the body's own cells also contain antigens, the immune system has to learn to identify which are dangerous and which are not. Cells that contain foreign antigens are considered a threat and are targeted for destruction. Unfortunately, this can sometimes includes the antigens of embryonic cells.

Dr Beer has identified five types of immune system response that cause reproductive failure in couples attempting to have a baby naturally or through IVF. Category 1 is the least severe and Category 5 is most severe.

These categories do not exist in isolation, but interconnect in a way that perpetuates the vicious circle of autoimmunity and reproductive failure. This cascade of responses will also generate other antibodies, which may further reduce the chances of successfully giving birth in the future. In Is Your Body Baby-Friendly? these categories are detailed and explained and treatments to help to overcome these problems are provided.

Alan E Beer, MD "I know I can make a difference in the lives of many couples struggling, hurting and experiencing repeated disappointments. In good faith many of you have listened to advice, it has not served you so well, and the cycle of failure has gone on.

I have four grown wonderful children who are beautiful, bright and healthy. It would kill them and me if they were bruised and abused with infertility and loss of hope that they may never become parents. I weep inside when I see a message composed at 3.00 a.m. by someone's wife and companion. They are unable to sleep, seeking answers at the computer, on a mission, knowing there's a problem and silently blaming themselves. She fears to hope because disappointment is standing outside the nearest door - and yet she never gives up.

I have a mission to provide the data that I know and share it with all of you in a manner that can be understood and applied to each problem. With understanding comes healing and partial hope can be restored. To travel the world as I am privileged to do and to meet couples in their own environment, to view their growing families and see their businesses thriving, to see a new look to their posture and the aura of their faces, to see their need to tell me all about what immune treatment has done for them, to receive their thanks in thousands of different ways is a tribute that few on this earth receive…and I receive it often."

Alan E. Beer M.D

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